Peggy Project

The peggy project is a photo journalistic article. Documenting the mining
history of a the Peggy Dredge. It worked a 1 mile strech on
North Meadow Creek. It is located north of Ennis Montana near Maclaster.
Peggy1 Peggy4 Peggy5 Peggy2 Peggy3

Gallitan River Video Project

The Gallitan River Video Project is a short 20 minute promotional video of local kayaker running the Gallitan River. Curently it is in the pre-production stage. The feature will have still shots,interviews,and live action footage shot off the kayak. Several still shots, below, are an example of what will be include in the production.
Rafting Kayak1 Kayak2 Kayak3 Kayak4 Kayak5 Kayak6 Kayak7 Kayak1