Wolf Rider Studios goal is an outlet to display and market my art and digial productions. I am for the most part a digital artist not a photographer. A true photographer is one who documents reality. There are elements of reality in my work. There are times, I have put my fingerprints all over what is real and have changed reality. I am willing to bend what is real to suit my emotional message.
As said before our mission is to display my art.


Image by Tracy morand

The creative goal of Wolf Rider Studios is changing and branching out. Wolf Rider Studios will offer consulting sevices in computer support, photographic production, set design, Web Design and technical direction. we will, also provide crews for set construction, stage lighting, stage rigging. Finally, the studio is looking into producing several videos including a Documentary about the Peggy Dredge, White Water Kayaking in Montana, and Bozeman Extreme activities.